Thematic Section: Collection

New and relevant papers on specific topics are published in thematic sections of the journal Production.

Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management

Call for papers | NEW Submission deadline: 30.06.2024 Guest Editors: Marina Meireles Pereira Mafia, Elias Ribeiro da Silva, Eduardo Zancul, Fabiano Armellini
This Thematic Section aims to enhance the leadership of our disciplines in the digital transformation of supply chain, taking different perspectives: Education, Research and Applications.


Present and Future of social systems for manufacturing (Industry 5.0: Human-centric production management 

Call for papers | NEW Submission deadline: 31.10.2024 |  Guest Editors: Afonso Carlos Correa Fleury, Daniel Wintersberger, Elaine Mosconi, Jacky F. L. Hong, Jorge Muniz Jr., Rui Manuel Sá Pereira Lima, Yufeng Zhang
This Thematic Section of Production journal aims to provide a detailed description of current situation and possible trends, issues and challenges for Industry 5.0 as a research and praxis-oriented discipline.
This Thematic Section belongs to the Section: "Industry 5.0: Human-centric production management (Social systems for future manufacturing)".


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