Call for papers - Thematic Section: “Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management”

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NEW Submission deadline: June 30th, 2024


Production engineering embraces a vast number of disciplines and application areas, from Management, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering to Supply Chain Management. The involved communities in both academia and industry reflects this diversity. The interest of production engineering includes logistics, transportation, distribution, and supply chain, which are structured in systems, operations, processes, products, services, chains, networks and organizations. In the recent years, our society is witnessing a transformation propelled by new digital technologies that are behind the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. These technologies paved the way for new digital, intelligent, networked systems that are immersed in different global/local environments: societies, economies and industries. In this context, by employing proper technologies and methods, supply chain aims at systems efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, resilience, robustness, adaptiveness and sustainability.

Production Journal is a scholarly publication that aims to foster knowledge creation and dissemination in the Production Engineering field. The journal publishes academic articles in Operations, Manufacturing, Industrial and Production Engineering and Management, considering a systems-oriented view. This Thematic Section aims to enhance the leadership of our disciplines in the digital transformation of supply chain, taking different perspectives: Education, Research and Applications.

The Guest Editors and the Editor-in-chief of the journal Production invite scientists, engineers and decision makers from government, industry and academia to contribute with research papers. The manuscripts must present well-described scientific background; practical and academic relevance; clear aims; robust methods; well-presented and thoughtfully discussed results, with an original and relevant theoretical, empirical and/or methodological contribution.

The aim of this thematic section is to attract high-quality manuscripts, considering the following areas:

  1. Operations Management and Engineering
  2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  3. Operational Research
  4. Knowledge, Information and Data
  5. New Product and Service Development
  6. Business Process Innovation

Topics of interest (not an exhaustive list):

  • digital transformation of supply chain
  • digital transformation in an emerging economy context: application projects with relevant theoretical, empirical and/or methodological contribution
  • technology evolution impacting supply chain management
  • technology-based and data-driven approaches in supply chain education, research and applications for dealing with current and future market and societal challenges
  • supply chain for a competitive, sustainable, and resilient digital future
  • digital connectivity allowing for enhanced supply chain networks (with horizontal, vertical and endto-end integration)
  • supply chain integration: analysis, design, planning and control of coordinated production-logistics systems as well as supply networks
  • advanced decision-making approaches based on simulation (digital twins), optimization and predictive analytic methods
  • decision-making in operations, logistics and supply chain based on cyber-physical systems and sociocyber-physical systems
  • adaptive, agile and resilient supply chain; design and analysis of intelligent supply chain
  • decision-support systems in digital, resilient and sustainable manufacturing and supply chain systems in the era of Industry 4.0 based on the combination of Industrial Engineering, Operational Research and Data Science
  • employing digital technologies for offshoring, reshoring and nearshoring

This special issue is supported by the SC4.0 Network (, an international group of researchers aiming to promote collaboration on fundamental and applied research related to Supply Chain 4.0


For author guidelines, please refer to A detailed cover letter must be submitted, in which authors highlight the manuscript adherence to the Editorial scope of the journal, theoretical and practical relevance, aims, methods, main results and its original theoretical, empirical and/or methodological contribution.

Submissions site:, choosing Thematic Section “Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management” in the submission process.


Guest Editors

Marina Meireles Pereira Mafia
University of Southern Denmark

Elias Ribeiro da Silva
University of Southern Denmark

Eduardo Zancul
Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo - POLI-USP

Fabiano Armellini
Polytechnique Montréal


Important Dates

  • Thematic Session Opening: 22.12.2022
  • Submission deadline: 30.06.2024


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