Volume 33, 2023

33, 2023

Research Article
Drivers and barriers for the traceability digitalisation in the Australian construction supply chain Guilherme Luz Tortorella; Declan Cox; Wen Li; Alistair Barros
Process management and safety culture in radiotherapy services: impacts on quality patient care and safety José Carlos de Toledo; Livia Silveira Almeida; Fabiane Letícia Lizarelli
A functional perspective for Intensive Care Unit modelling Natália Ransolin; Priscila Wachs; Wagner Pietrobelli Bueno
Digital transformation in maintenance: interoperability-based adequacy aiming smart legacy systems André Luiz Alcântara Castilho Venâncio; Guilherme Louro Brezinski; Gabriel da Silva Serapião Leal; Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures; Fernando Deschamps
Management and governance structure of technology transfer megaprojects in emergency contexts: a case study of the megaproject Oxford/AstraZeneca/Fiocruz Covid-19 vaccine Priscila Ferraz Soares; Mauricio Zuma Medeiros; Jaqueline Lilge Abreu; Fabio Henrique Ferreira dos Santos Gonçalez; Fabio Sartori Piran
Multicriteria negotiation model for selecting sustainable suppliers’ problem in the agribusiness Over Manuel Montes Causil; Danielle Costa Morais
The automotive recall data search and its analysis applying machine learning Bruno Fernandes Maione; Paulo Carlos Kaminski; Emilio Carlos Baraldi
Social Network Analysis in disaster management Angela Cabral Flecha; Renata Albergaria Bandeira; Vania Barcellos Gouvêa Campos; Alcides Volpato Castro Silva; Adriana Leiras
Action research supported by remote collaboration tools: analysis of two operations management applications João Paulo Estevam de Souza; Jorge Muniz Junior
Healthcare supply chain risk assessment KPIs: an empirical study using PLS-SEM Pedro Senna; Augusto Reis; Julio de Guimarães; Lino Guimarães Marujo; Ana Carla de Souza Gomes dos Santos; Eliana Andrea Severo

Systematic Review
From servitization to deservitization: a literature review on the aspects related to a deservitization movement in manufacturing firms Juliane de Freitas Battisti; Paulo Augusto Cauchick-Miguel; Thayla Tavares Sousa-Zomer

Thematic Section - Production Engineering leading the Digital Transformation
Development of a measurement instrument to evaluate integrated management systems and differences in perception: an approach to item response theory and the quality management process Rafael da Silva Fernandes; Tamyres Rodrigues da Rocha; Jaynne Mendes Coelho; Dalton Francisco de Andrade
A Production System for the auto parts industry with elements of Industry 4.0 Fabrício Carlos Schmidt; André Luis Korzenowski; Lucas Schmidt Goecks; Ismael Becker Gomes; Vanderlei Giovani Benetti
FaMoSim: a facilitated discrete event simulation framework to support online studies Milena Silva de Oliveira; Carlos Henrique dos Santos; Gustavo Teodoro Gabriel; Fabiano Leal; José Arnaldo Barra Montevechi
Digital transformation in Brazilian industry: bridging theory and practice Luciana Stradioto; Enzo Morosini Frazzon
A framework for logistics performance indicators selection and targets definition: a civil construction enterprise case Liége Natálya Götz; Francielly Hedler Staudt; Jorge Luiz Gayotto de Borba; Marina Bouzon
Industry 4.0 at Brazilian modular consortium: work, process and knowledge in engine supply chain Jorge Muniz Junior; Giovanni Pessin Moschetto; Daniel Wintersberger
The impacts of inventory record inaccuracy and cycle counting on distribution center performance Iuri Rafael Destro; Francielly Hedler Staudt; Karine Somensi; Carlos Taboada
Analysis of the work quality and productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic Carlos Jefferson de Melo Santos; Ângelo Marcio Oliveira Sant’Anna; Joilson Nascimento Paim

Thematic Section - Resilient and innovative operations management
Forecasting commodity prices in Brazil through hybrid SSA-complex seasonality models Rafael Baptista Palazzi; Paula Maçaira; Erick Meira; Marcelo Cabus Klotzle
Interpreting direct sales’ demand forecasts using SHAP values Mariana Arboleda-Florez; Carlos Castro-Zuluaga
Logistics of Covid-19 vaccines: main challenges in theory and practice Lucas Lages Peter; Lucas Schroeder; Fabíola Negreiros de Oliveira; Adriana Leiras
Toward the development of a Preparedness and Response Protocol for epidemics and pandemics Fabíola Negreiros de Oliveira; Daniel Eckhardt; Adriana Leiras; Paulo Gonçalves; Irineu de Brito Junior; Hugo Tsugunobu Yoshida Yoshizaki; Frederico Ferreira Pedroso


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