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About us

What is Periodikos?

Periodikos is a self-service online platform that allows editors, institutions and scientific associations to quickly create sites for scientific journals aligned with international recommendations.

How did the idea come about?

Despite the billions of dollars that circulate annually in the international market for scientific publication, the reality in Brazil and Latin America is a complete lack of resources invested in scientific research and its distribution. Therefore, Periodikos emerged with the intention of stimulating scientific publication in this market, giving journals access to a quality system aligned with international recommendations. Our major distinguishing factor is offering a simple and accessible self-service platform in which editorial teams can update and manage content, without wasting scarce resources, which are so valuable in the academic field.

What types of journal can use Periodikos?

Periodikos is a system created for the publication and distribution of scientific journals. Its use should be in agreement with our Terms of Use. Sites that are created without being in conformity with these terms will be deactivated.

Can I suggest improvements and functions?

Periodikos was launched in 2017 and has already undergone many improvements. Currently, we are working to make our future improvement plan available, and in this way, everyone will be able to voice their opinion regarding what is important for their journal. However, the intention to maintain its functions in alignment with international recommendations will always be a priority. Our mission is for the user to be able to manage their content without having to worry about technical details or needing to study the international recommendations for the publication of scientific journals.

Can I manage the evaluation of the articles?

Yes, however, this task must be done by the editorial board of the journal in another platform. The Periodikos platform does not help in the evaluation. We made this decision after studying other systems that try to help at all stages from evaluation and production to publication but end up failing and become a headache for journals because of its complexity. Periodikos has the specific focus on being easy in the final stage: the publication and dissemination of scientific journals!

Can I create an archive (repository) for my university?

While Periodikos was not created with this purpose in mind, using the current resources of the system, it is possible to register the archives of different journals. Therefore, with some
adjustments, it may be possible to have an archive (repository) for a number of journals. However, given the way in which the system currently functions, though it is possible, it is not advisable. We are currently looking into ways to make an environment with multiple journals and a single account possible, so stay tuned for further developments.

Periodikos is Open Source or does it use OJS/SEER?

No. While we believe in the initiative and collaborate where possible, the pace of development and the open code makes platforms vulnerable. Therefore, Periodikos uses its own code to have the freedom to realize the relevant improvements more quickly. Additionally, the fact of its being a service gets rid of the bother for the client regarding responsibilities and costs related to hosting, security updates, maintenance and development of improvements, at the same time as it offers dedicated technical support, freeing the client from having to spend hours on forums and/or contracting specialized consultants.


What is the difference between the FREE and paid plans?

The FREE plan is simpler, only allowing the registering of a fixed number of articles and a smaller hosting storage size for uploads. The FREE plan has advertising for the platform (see FAQ below) while in the paid plan, the client themselves manages the banners. Other differences are the ability to have your own domain - www.minharevista.com.br - and priority technical support.

May I use my own domain?

Yes, you can setup your custom domain* in all paid plans.

If you wish to enable you custom domain, contact helpdesk@periodikos.com.br after upgrading to a paid plan and we will make the internal ajustments and send you technical information for you to setup your domain.

*We don't sell domains. You need to buyu your domain yourself.

What are the platform banners in the FREE plan?

The platform banners are advertisements for the presentation of information or institutions, and of events related to and relevant for the scientific publications market.

What is the utility of the FREE plan with only 30 articles?

O limite de 30 artigos existe para que, através do plano Free, seja possível testar alguns recursos dos planos Pró, como o acesso à página de resumo do artigo e o sistema de buscas. Entretanto, o plano FREE permite um número ilimitado de edições, que podem direcionar para acervos externos hospedados no SciELO e em repositórios institucionais SEER/OJS, diretórios do Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Conheça aqui alguns clientes Periodikos que utilizam essa estratégia.

When does the FREE plan end?

There is no time limit for the FREE plan. You can continue on this plan for as long as you like.

What are the forms of payment?

Payments can be made monthly or for periods of 12 months by credit card or pre-filled payment slip. For payments via commitment invoice contact us at financeiro@periodikos.com.br.

Can I sell advertising on the paid plan?

You have the right to sell advertising space on your site as long as the advertising content does not conflict with the Terms of Use of Periodikos.

Can I test a paid plan prior to signing up?

Periodikos does not currently have a trial system. However, we believe that the FREE plan is sufficient to experience the system prior to deciding to migrate to the paid plan, since the only visual differences are the banners. You can also evaluate the paid plan by getting to know journals that have signed up to the platform Periodikos.

The collection in my journal is huge, can I register it?

Yes, you can register the historical collection of your journal by an additional fee. This fee depends on two factors: the number of articles and the disk space they will take. Please, contact our support at financeiro@periodikos.com.br to get a table with the prices for the collection registration.

What happens if I cancel my account or stop paying?

If you cancel your account, your website will be disabled and you will have 90 days before all files and data are permanently deleted. If you fail to pay, your account will continue functioning normally for the remainder of the period paid and will, subsequently be reverted and adjusted to the FREE plan.

Who updates the content?

Through the administration panel, you can update all the content available on the site, including the content of the archive, journal information and news pages as well as the layout.

Can I contract management for the archive and content?

Yes, you can contract one of the partners registered on the platform Periodikos. While our partners page is still under construction, please get in touch via helpdesk@periodikos.com.br to request a recommendation.

Can I become a partner? What are the advantages and how should I proceed?

Yes, Periodikos is a platform in a state of constant evolution, and partnerships are welcome. We are actively registering partners to manage content and the archive, setup and layout and development of plugins. The big advantage for partners is in being able to use Periodikos as a marketplace for these services, without worrying about the maintenance and development of the platform. If you are interested in becoming a partner, write to helpdesk@periodikos.com.br.

Migration and layout

What are the layout options?

A standard layout is available when you sign up, but there are various customization options via the administration. Aspects such as colors, typography, images and banners, can be directly adjusted through the administration options, and for advanced users, the system also provides a gallery for you to send images to and customize the layout using CSS.

Posso migrar meu site atual com o mesmo layout?

Consulte os parceiros da plataforma Periodikos, especialistas em layout e migração, para discutir acerca de demandas específicas da sua migração. Enquanto nossa página de parceiros não fica pronta, por favor, entre em contato com helpdesk@periodikos.com.br para solicitar indicações.

I have other questions. Who can I speak to?

Send all inquiries to helpdesk@periodikos.com.br and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Technical questions

How does the technical support work?

All the plans give access to technical support and a direct documentation system in the screen environment in the administrative panel. Paid plans have priority for the resolution of inquiries by e-mail and access to support via chat in real time* and, depending on the plan, directly from the administration panel of your journal.
*available during business hours in Brazil.

Como é realizado o cadastro de artigos?

Atualmente, o cadastro pode ser realizado manualmente via formulários responsivos ou semiautomaticamente, realizando o upload da versão XML JATS dos artigos. Além disso, também é possível contratar um dos parceiros especialistas em migração. Enquanto nossa página de parceiros não fica pronta, por favor, entre em contato com helpdesk@periodikos.com.br para solicitar indicações.

What is the backup policy?

The Periodikos platform uses data centers from the Amazon AWS and is being developed for high accessibility and resilience to failures. The archives that you send to the document gallery and as registered articles are hosted using the AWS S3 technology that guarantees 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% durability (https://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/).  Information registered on the database (pages, news etc.) are daily backed up automatically.

How do I collect content and articles from my website?

If you need to collect content from all pages on your website, information from published issues and articles or even several articles in PDF format, the only way is to access the content and copy/download it. There are no tools to assist in the process of extracting content from your site. 

What is the maximum size for the files?

We are always working to eliminate or minimize limitations. To know more about the maximum size for file uploads, consult the information in the plan table.

Does the system have an API?

Yes. The API is currently simplified and for internal use by the development team. As the API gains a more stable and developed form, it will be made available for partners and members. 

Will my journal get indexed by Google?

The Periodikos platform meets all technical requirements for indexing by Google and Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com.br/intl/pt-BR/scholar/inclusion.html).

Indexing occurs automatically by Google services and it may take some time.

To ensure that your site is indexed it is important to keep your data and records always correct and up to date.

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