Current Edition

Volume 34, 2024

34, 2024

Research Article
Industry 4.0 technologies and Lean Office: perspectives to Smart Office Alex Almeida dos Santos; Lucas Schmidt Goecks; Luísa Müller Pereira; Bruna Strapazzon do Couto; André Luis Korzenowski
Application of a framework for product-service systems characterization Fernanda Hänsch Beuren; Paulo Augusto Cauchick-Miguel; Eloiza Kohlbeck; Thayla Tavares Sousa-Zomer
Performance of a concurrent parallel production system through new operating curves of Six Sigma metrics Tomás José Fontalvo Herrera; Ana Gabriela Banquez Maturana; Katherin Mendoza Villero
Analysis of consumers purchase intention in commerce and services in the neighborhood and the Impact of Covid-19 Claudia Gomes de Aragão; Flavio Mangili Ferreira; Hermes Moretti Ribeiro da Silva; Tiago Gomes de Aragão Belé
Developing dynamic supply chain resilience capabilities: a study of Irish firms' response to the COVID-19 pandemic Abubakar Ali; Ashraf Labib; Paulo Afonso; Amr Mahfouz

Systematic Review
Life cycle sustainability assessment of the agri-food chain: empirical review and bibliometrics Camila Matos; Valderice Herth Junkes; Fernando Henrique Lermen; Ruane Fernandes de Magalhães; Gustavo de Souza Matias; José Luis Duarte Ribeiro; Giane Gonçalves Lenzi; Hugo Valadares Siqueira


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