Current Edition

Volume 33, 2023

33, 2023

Research Article
A functional perspective for Intensive Care Unit modelling Natália Ransolin; Priscila Wachs; Wagner Pietrobelli Bueno

Systematic Review

Thematic Section - Production Engineering leading the Digital Transformation
A Production System for the auto parts industry with elements of Industry 4.0 Fabrício Carlos Schmidt; André Luis Korzenowski; Lucas Schmidt Goecks; Ismael Becker Gomes; Vanderlei Giovani Benetti
FaMoSim: a facilitated discrete event simulation framework to support online studies Milena Silva de Oliveira; Carlos Henrique dos Santos; Gustavo Teodoro Gabriel; Fabiano Leal; José Arnaldo Barra Montevechi

Thematic Section - Resilient and innovative operations management
Logistics of Covid-19 vaccines: main challenges in theory and practice Lucas Lages Peter; Lucas Schroeder; Fabíola Negreiros de Oliveira; Adriana Leiras


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