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Production Journal - Thematic Session

Call for Papers: Knowledge Management and Learning Organization: Academic Contributions

Deadline: November, 30th 2018

Traditionally, production management models are comprised in the technical and the social dimension (Emery, 1959). The technical dimension refers to production organization, processes, activities, types and physical arrangement of equipment and to the flow of material that result in services and goods. The social dimension refers to work organization and human resources aspects.

Knowledge management, as a theme, has been receiving much attention from various production management areas. This provides evidence of its multidisciplinary and its complexity (Alvesson; Kärreman, 2001). For example, knowledge management contributes to stimulate innovation and continuous improvement by using existing knowledge within the organization (King et al., 2008).

This thematic session aims to promote research and the reflective practice on the importance of Knowledge Management and Learning Organization (KM and LO) in different contexts. Considering that KM and LO research is mainly interdisciplinary and the results are, in their majority, transversal to all areas of engineering, this call for papers is also open for others areas within the organization.

There is a consensus on the role of knowledge as an organization's competitive advantage; however, the issue is explored poorly in management practice (Nonaka, von Krogh; Voelpel, 2006; Nonaka; Peltorki, 2006). However, recently, knowledge management is gaining much attention from those subjects related to organizational sciences (Serenko and Bontis, 2004; Paiva et al., 2007), especially those related to improvement processes and incremental process innovation, more specifically in the shop floor production operations environment, common in the automotive industry.

It is our pleasure to invite academics and researchers who are concerned with Knowledge Management and Learning Organization to submit papers to this thematic session of the Production Journal: It welcomes submissions that focus on the following (but not limited to) aspects on Engineering Education methodologies and principles:

  • Factors that affect tacit knowledge management in groups within the organizations (Erden; Von Krogh; Nonaka, 2008);
  • Methodologies for organization improvement (Hazlett; McAdam; Gallagher, 2005; Nonaka; von Krogh; Voelpel, 2006; Fugate; Stank; Mentzer, 2009);
  • Pragmatic guidelines on how the manager can develop favourable contexts in order to encourage knowledge conversion processes within groups in the organization or within the entire organization (Nonaka; von Krogh; Voelpel, 2006);
  • Integrating the concepts of knowledge management, production and work organization (Nakano; Muniz Jr; Batista Jr, 2013).
  • Absorptive Capacity, External knowledge search and Open Innovation (Ferreras-Méndez et al., 2015; Ferreras-Méndez et al., 2016)
  • Dynamic Capabilities connected to Knowledge Management (Alegre et al., 2013; Villar et al., 2014)

How to submit your paper

The papers should be submitted according to the journal guidelines (, through the submission system ( Please choose the thematic session option when submitting your work.

Editorial information – Guest editors

Joaquin Alegre, Faculty of Economics, Universidad de Valencia, Spain (

Jorge Muniz Jr., Engineering School, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Brazil (


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